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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Unveiling the Ouija: MysteriousPlanchette on ParanormalReview

Things have been incredibly busy for your host as he prepares for his upcoming lecture at the Phenomenology 105 conference next week, all in the midst of a crazy SxSW and Spring Break season here in Austin. Lots of news discoveries to share, of course, but in the meantime they must yield to preparations and anticipation of larger events and a visit back to Gettyburg, which I haven't seen since high school.

Last evening your host had the opportunity to sit down with his partner-in-crime and frequent collaborator Robert Murch of as we chatted about our research into the history of talking boards with the delightful hosts--Luci Leibfried and Anthony Agate--of Paranormal Review Radio. Murch and I spent just over an hour discussing where it all started, what's become of it, and where it might be going with a new generation of pop-culture paranormal fans and ghost hunters. Tune in and enjoy!

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