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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Mysterious Planchette in the Papers

It's been a busy Halloween season here at Mysterious Planchette. We had the pleasure of filming with Ronni Thomas' Midnight Archive series last month.  Ever-amazing, I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of seeing my collection documented by this amazing filmmaker. Though not yet out, the trailer is below for your enjoyment.

Then there's the latest issue of the SPR's Paranormal Review. I wrote the lead story for this issue, which deals with the important topic of preserving archives and artifacts in the spiritual and occult disciplines, and features articles from the attendees of this summer's "Preserving the Historical Collections of Parapsychology" conference in Utrecht. I hope you'll enjoy my contribution: "Ghosts in the Machines." Thank you to Dr. Leo Ruickbie for having me on board!. You can head over here and see what you can do about getting yourself a copy.

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Another article--oddly enough with the same great title--was just released online by Collector's Weekly, and can be found here. It features the fruits of an incredible 2-hour interview I had with the author, Lisa Hix, and has quite a few device shots from the Mysterious Planchette archives. Do check it out!
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Stay tuned, true believers. The madness never ends!